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1st full share CSA box 06/13/16TetsukabutoSweet PotatoesBell PepperZucchiniBok choy / Pak ChoiFennelButtercupLower Salmon River, Thick tasty sweet orange flesh, superb for squash pie. Large salmon-pink pumpkin.Nicaise PumpkinNoob TaubSouthern MinerWhat is it?? Let me know pleaseWhat is it??  Let me Know!!Kabacha GreenOmaha PumpkinSeminole PumpkinChicago Warted HubbardWhat is it? beside the Spaghetti SquashBon BonKabacha Green Cha ChaSweet MamaThema Saunders Baby Green HubbardPotimarronSunshine HybredUchiki KuriRed KuriSweet DumplingGolden DeliciousKing of Mammoth PumpkinBatopilasMarina Di ChioggiaQueensland BlueBlue BananaSunshineGill's Golden PippinBlue BalletOrange Striped Cushaw PumpkinSucrine Du BerryAustralian ButterBlue HubbardHopi Pale GreyGrey GhostBlack FutsuCrownSweet MeatTriamble or ShamrockArgentineWhite Cushaw PumpkinLong of Naples Big MoonBoston marrowTwisted CarrotsTennessee Sweet PotatoGreen Striped CushawCandy RoasterCarnival AcornGill's Golden Pippin AcornHoney Bear AcornThelma Saunders AcornPipian From TuxpanChirmanPullet eggsrow cover 2011squash plants loaded to plantHeirloom Lettucebaby chicks June 2011Lettuce transplants in the green housePak ChoiOutredgeous LettuceCilantroearly garden 2011I looked a long time for you.true loveBrought a friend to lunchpraying mantisLokotaLong Island CheeseMusquee De ProvenceSpaghetti Spaghetti Personal SizeJaune Gros de ParisBlack FutsuButtercupGreen HubbardPink BananaBoston Morrow HubbardGaleux d'EysinesAustralian ButterFairyJaune Gros de ParisKing of MammothGreen Striped CushawChihuahua Landrace CushawBaby Blue HubbardKaKai naked seeded Early ButternutCrown Stella Blue HokkaidoRogosa ButternutDelicataKikuzaNorth Faulkland Islandplanting cantaloupeschool pumpkinstaking row cover off school pumpkinsblossoms on school pumpkinscrop failurenothing but weedsPlanting Cantaloupe June 2010planting pumpkin seedsfunnel cloud during one of our downpours June 2010spring blossoms in the orchard spring 2010Wow! what a picturewaiting in linestarted lining up 1 hour earlyline forming for free watermelonwatermelon giveaway 2009 08Peppers at market 2009Loved the purple peppers 2009the peppers were very colorful 2009Picking corn fall 2009Corn picked and stalks removed fall 2009Picking corn Fall 2009Taking orders for corn fall 2009squash in mulch and without spring 2009squash patch spring 2009squash patch summer 2009killdeer nest 2009early broccoli 2009dry beans and corn 2009tomatoes 2009green beans 2009sunrise on the elkhornstomatoes early summer 2009heifers in pasture summerkilldeer nest in tomatoes summer 2009middle garden spring 2009laying mulch spring 2009laying mulch spring 2009laying mulch spring 2009laying mulch spring 2009laying mulch spring 2009laying plastic mulch spring 2009banana sweet peppers summer 2009middle garden summer 2009bushels of peppers summer 2009green peppers summer 2009broccoli  on April 1 spring 2009winter squash fall 2009winter squash fall 2009