Salad Share

This year we are offering a Salad Share with the CSA boxes.

The salad comes washed, dried and ready to eat in 0.4 pound bags from Nella Mae's Farm. Nella Mae grows her salad naturally without pesticides or herbicides at her family farm in Cove.

Salad comes in three "flavors":

                       Spring Mix (red and green lettuces)

                       Mild Mix (red and green lettuces, baby Red Russian                                             kale, baby rainbow chard)

                       Spicy Mix - red & green lettuces, kale, rainbow                                                       chard, purple mustard and arugula.



All salad comes in 0.4 lb bags, washed, dried and ready to eat. The salad is picked fresh for you, and is guaranteed to last at least 7 days in your fridge. Most customers report it lasts at least 10 days.


You can choose from the following options:. 

  • Rotating mix. Each week you will receive a different kind of mix--Spring Mix, Spicy Mix, Basil Mix, Mild Mix, French Mix or Raw Eating Kale.
  • Non-rotating mix. Receive a bag of the same mix every week. Choose from either Spring Mix, Spicy Mix or Mild Mix. 


                     Bags are $5 each.

                     1 bag per week for 20 weeks:$90

                     2 bags per week for 20 weeks: $180

                     3 bags per week for 20 weeks: $270