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Preparing Vegetable Greens

Preparing vegetable greens

Large-leafed greens like chard, kale, beet and turnip greens can be prepared for steaming in various ways.  Some folks cut off all the stems and use only the greens, but stems are useable as well—they take a bit more time to steam, or they can be used for stir frying or making vegetable stock for soups.  Cut, or tear, off the leafy part from the stem to desired size.  When steaming, put stem pieces in boiling water first then add leaves after a minute or two.  Leaves should be bright green when ready.  Do not overcook.  Add a bit of garlic powder to the boiling water, but be careful it does not boil over when the lid is on for steaming.  Crack the lid a bit to avoid this.  Early/tender spring greens—spinach and chard especially—can be eaten raw, combined with lettuce in a salad or used for a dip.