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Garlic Scape & Kale Pesto

We like to make puree out of just about any sort of brassica greens here, but the kale was hitting a high just about the time the garlic started to scape and one of our apprentices had a moment of kitchen genius at lunch one day and threw the two together in the blender. Delight!


Kale, stripped off its ribs

Handfuls of garlic scapes (preferably chopped up some so that they don't bind in the blender- though we have it on good authority that the meat grinder attachment for the kitchen aid works well on scapes)


Olive Oil and/or butter, softened

Good black pepper

Optional additions: toasted nuts: pecans, walnuts or pine nuts; parmesan cheese (though we always just add this individually)

Directions: Toss everything except the salt into a blender or food processor and work until smooth. Salt to taste (remember that kale is naturally salty so a little goes a long way). You may add your optional additions at the end as well and blend again until smooth.

Serve on pastas, grains or as a spread on good bread. It makes a beautiful addition to tomato sauces or cheese sandwiches. We like having a jar in the fridge for snacking and putting a few jars in the freezer for the winter (I don't add the cheese or the nuts when I'm freezing it).