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Beef, Vegetable and Barley Soup

You'll have to try something new if you require measurements because I have none for you.  All I can tell you is that this makes one huge pot of delicious soup.  And, if we didn't indulge in bowls of it at a time, it'd last all week.


Overnight Instructions...

Beef Chuck Roast

Simply Organic French Onion Dip Packet

Box of Pacific Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup

Water - maybe ½c to 1c

I'll always think of my mother-in-law, who taught me the above combination for a delicious pot roast.  Well, it makes for amazing flavor in this soup, too.  Add all 4 of the above ingredients to your slow cooker (probably in that order, depending on your cooker).  Cook on low heat for 8 hours.  Then fork shred when not too hot to touch.

Soak approximately ½c to ¾c black beans in a bowl of water.


In the morning chop all the ingredients below add to a large pot - onion, celery, bell pepper - green, carrots, mushrooms, garlic and kale.  Pick and rinse beans then add those to the pot along with 64oz Pacific Beef Stock, 32oz Mushroom Stock, thyme, salt, pepper and 2 bay leaves and 1c barley.  Bring to a boil then cook covered on low until beans are just about tender (about 90 minutes).  Then add frozen or fresh corn kernels and green or purple beans.  Add the shredded roast with all it's sauce and cook until all beans are tender.