CSA shares

 06/13/16 Full Share CSA Box


Vals Veggies CSA

Join our CSA program and support local agriculture while eating the freshest, tastiest veggies.

You pay up front for a season of produce and we in turn supply you with 20 weeks of the best vegetables. Our season this year will start  June 4 for Pendleton ,Hermiston and Boardman, June 5 for La Grande , June 6, for Baker City and end October 15, 16 and 17, 2018.

This allows you to connect directly with the source of your food and create a truly sustainable local food system.

For the eater, you get to start with the first fresh greens of spring, baby beets, young crisp green onions, and peas and on to midsummer with the luscious heirloom tomatoes and juicy corn on the cob, and on into fall with fresh taters, winter squash, and pumpkins. Every week there will be from 6 to 18 different items in your box depending on what is ripe in the garden.  Not only do you get the freshest vegetables that were picked just that morning but you are helping to keep your local economy thriving.

For us, the growers, we benefit by getting the money at the time of year we need it most, to buy seed and pay our employees.  We also can grow a lot more varieties and try new things each year.  This year we will have over 140 varieties of tomatoes and over 60 varieties of winter squash and pumpkins.

Season 2019

This year we are offering 3 different sizes to better meet the needs of our members. A full size share will feed 4 Adults or a family, a half share will feed 2 Adults or a small family, a single is for 1 Adult.    Our full share box is valued at $800.00 for the season or over $40 per week of vegetables.  We start out with the cool weather crops and increase the varieties as they ripen.  You get a wide assortment of fresh, tasty, local vegetables, all grown with no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.  

Val's Veggies Box

6-18 different veggies depending on availability, packed and delivered each week to your pick up site. 

Full Share:  $700.00 or $50 off if paid by March 15. 

Half Share:  $450.00 or $25 off if paid by March 15.

Val's Custom Box

6-18 veggies depending on availability.  You custom build your weekly box by going to the web site and choosing what is available and the amounts listed for your size share.  The list will be updated Sunday and you must get your order in by Monday eve. or you will receive a regular Val's Veggies Box.

Custom Full Share $750.00 or $50 off if paid by March l5,


Custom Half Share $500.00 or $25 off if paid by March 15.


Val's Single Box

3-6 veggies depending on availability.  Not as much variety as the other boxes but the same fresh local veggies. Sized for a single adult.  Comes in a cotton shopping bag and delivered each week to your pick up site.

Single Share:  $325.00 or $20 off if paid by March l5,


  $100, $200, or $300 increments.  You pay up front for the option you desire and then you have a credit to use at market or at the stand to purchase your veggies and fruit. $100 =105 credit, $200 = 210 credit, and $300 =330 credit.

We are offering a payment plan this year to make it easier for everyone to enjoy fresh veggies weekly.  You will pay a 25% down payment when you sign up and the rest will be due in 3 equal monthly installments.  All payments due by June 1.  No early bird discounts will apply to payments.   

 Delivery:  Midweek farmers market is the location for pickup of your share.  If you cannot pickup your share you need to ask a friend or neighbor to do it or make prior arrangements.  Any shares not picked up will be given to the local food bank or given to another family.

Members may purchase additional produce for a 10% discount off of retail price.

Fruit Share

We are offering a fruit share this year.   Conventionally grown from Walla Walla and Yakima Valleys in Wa. We buy organic or no pesticide as much as possible.

For more info go to the fruit share page.

Salad Share

We are offering a salad share from Nella Mae's Farm, near Cove, Oregon.

For more info go to the Salad share page.