answers to your questions



How much food should I expect each week?

Your box will contain 6-10 different items each week depending on what is ripe in the garden and the preferences you choose when you sign up.  The season will start out with greens and the early cool crops and by July your box will be full with red ripe tomatoes, juicy fresh corn on the cob, and lots of fresh tasty produce and end up the season with potatoes, winter squash, pumpkins and the last of the tomatoes and corn.  This year we are offering 3 sizes of shares:

Full share:  enough for 3-4 adults or a family

Half share:  enough for 1-2 adults or a small family

Single share:  enough for 1 adult or 2 adults that don't eat many veggies but still want fresh local produce.  You will get 3-6 items each week, not as much variety as the other shares

How do I get my box each week?

Baker:  Wednesday from 12 to 6pm at the stand on Campbell St .

La Grande:  4:00 to 6:00 pm. at the midweek LaGrande Farmers Market

Pendleton:   Cayuse Technology,  Governance Center.

Hermiston, Wheatland Ins.

Do I get to choose what is in my share?

Yes, every Friday you will get an email listing what will be in your box for the next week.  You can then swap out for other items or leave it as it is.

How do the veggies compare to the grocery store?

In my opinion there is no comparison.  Your veggies are picked the morning of the day they are delivered to you. You cannot buy anything that fresh in the grocery store.  The chance of contamination is very small because your veggies go from the field to you.  They do not go thru sorting and packing lines and sit in warehouses and then get on the truck for over a thousand miles.  As for price we are about the same as the stores regular price or less. 

Why should I join Val's Veggies CSA instead of buy at the market?

When you are a member of the farm you get the best and the first of the crops.  Anything that is extra is what is sold at the market.  The boxes will have corn and tomatoes for 1-2 weeks before it is available at market.  Sometimes we only grow enough for the boxes.