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Posted 4/6/2017 7:58pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We are excited to be able to deliver to Hermiston and Boardman for the 2017 season.  Delivery will start on June 12.  Sites are to be determined.

Posted 10/15/2016 6:25pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Due to a lack of water this year we have a small corn maze.

We are doing a scavanger hunt and also have pumpkins available.

Posted 12/22/2015 3:42pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Please take a moment and fill out this survey.  It will give feedback on making our market even better.



Posted 9/24/2015 1:48pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We are getting ready for the corn maze and pumpkin patch.

There are lots of beautiful pumpkins showing up out in the field.

Lots of different colors, sizes and shapes. 

The Maze will open October 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Grand opening day will be October 4, 2015.

More information here.

Posted 2/19/2015 5:09pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Spring is on its way!!!

Wow!  This weather is awesome!!  Not sure what the summer will bring but we are sure enjoying it now.

The website is ready for CSA signups.  Also the spring and summer egg shares are open for sign up.  We are still working on the fruit shares and will let you know when it is ready.

We are going to do a give and take box this year at your CSA pickup site.  If there is something in your box that you can't use that week you may put it in the give and take box and or if there

is something in the box that you would like you may take it.  That will give everyone a little more flexibility.  We will try it and see how it goes.  If you have any other suggestions or ideas be sure and let me know.

If you have any problems navigating the website please let us know.

To show our appreciation for our returning CSA members there is an added discount at checkout!!


Posted 10/28/2014 1:06pm by Valerie Tachenko.


Can't believe its almost November, the summer has really gone fast.

Its time to sign up for Fall Egg shares.  They will start the first week of November and go for 17 weeks.

The pick up site for Baker City will still be Bettys Books  and for LaGrande will be

Blue Mountain Outfitters on the corner of Adams and Depot.

If you have any questions or problems signing up just call or email

Thanks much,



Posted 5/20/2014 1:43pm by Valerie Tachenko.


We are very excited to offer a loyalty program called "Farm Fan" for our customers. This program allows you to stay more connected with us here at the farm. And it allows us to reward our customers who faithfully shop with us! 

Farm Fan-As a Val's Veggies Farm Fan you can collect points for shopping with us and earn bonus rewards.
-Stay easily connected with our weekly text notifications about what's farm fresh each week. (Just one text a week)

-Sign up today by going to:
***You will get 20 points just for signing up!!!!

Here is a simple explanation of how it works:Farm Fan Instructions
Here's the link again to sign up:
Let us know if you have any questions! 
Vanessa Tachenko
Posted 4/17/2014 1:38pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We have had several requests for another CSA option so here it is!!!

Market Share

For those of you who need more flexibility and can't commit to a weekly box we are offering a market share.  You will purchase a share in $100, $200, or $300 increments and then get a credit which you can use at Farmers Market, Vals Veggies Stand, or for call in orders for canning, etc.

$100 equals $105 credit

$200 equals $210 credit

$300 equals $330 credit

These shares will need to be purchased by June 1 just like the regular shares.  To sign up go to the website and sign up under CSA shares.  Any questions just call or email.

Thanks much,

Rod and Valerie

Posted 2/27/2014 1:04pm by Valerie Tachenko.


This is a friendly reminder that the Early Bird signup ends March 1.

The winter is speeding by and spring is fast approaching and the veggie grower is chomping at the bit to get out there and do some planting!! She told me this morning that she wanted to go and plant some peas.. but it looks a little bit to damp to get into the garden just yet.

It has been just like it is for you customers that have gotten a CSA box from us every week, kinda like christmas,  the box comes in the mail or the UPS or FEX and we can hardly wait to open it and see what's inside, of course we know that it is seed but there still is that feeling of not knowing just what is in there.  Well you know what those boxes mean???  Work and more work,  got to get them all planted in the trays or ground so that they will grow into productive plants. 

We saved some corn from the corn maze and it is drying out so that we can run it through the mill for corn meal. I will let you know when it is available.

Have a great day.

Rod and valerie


Posted 1/26/2014 10:15pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We are excited to offer two new options for fruit shares this year.

The first is a Certified Organic share from Eagle Creek Orchard and

the second is a Conventionally grown share from Walla Walla and

Yakima Valleys.  Go to the Fruit Share Page for more info.