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The Veggie Patch

Posted 6/6/2017 12:43am by Valerie Tachenko.


My how time flies!!  I looked at the calendar and it said JUNE!!! already?? Whew the last 3 weeks have been a blur with lots of surprises!!  

Planted out almost all of the tomatoes.

Tomorrow we will finish all the peppers.

The potatoes that were just starting to come out of the ground at the time of the hail storm, had a few battered leaves but they are up and growing great!!

The beans popped out of the ground also and are very happy!!

The peas that were blooming when the storm came are blooming again, that was not expected at all!!

The spinach came back just in time for the 80 - 90 degree days and is starting to bolt. We will have it available at the markets and stand until gone.

The cold weather plants that were destroyed, some came back and have had new plants added to the rows where lots were missing.

Some of the summer squash that was destroyed in the storm came back too, and the ones from seed popped out a couple days after the I sent the last letter.

The corn maze is up and looks great!

Hope to finish most of the planting this week!!  YAHOO!!

Summer Egg shares start this week, if you had spring egg shares and still want them please sign up ASAP.

CSA boxes start next week for everyone!!

Well the best for last... We hope to have cherries at the stand in Baker City this week.  I talked to the grower this morning and he said they would start picking on Wednesday.

Now it's time to fill that hunger pain with some Val's Veggies produce and fruit.

Have a great week!!

Rod and Valerie