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Posted 1/14/2021 2:14pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Sign up is now open for the 2021 season.

We are excited to be able to offer our own

USDA inspected meat this year!!  It will be

available as an extra each week or you can use

it for a swap item also.

Posted 2/10/2020 3:59pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Big changes this year for our CSA program.

We are partnering with a software platform called Harvie.

We will now be able to offer custom veggie boxes to all our members and also payment options.  We are hoping to be able to meet more of our customers

needs with this new program.  Check it out here:  "Harvie" Runs Our CSA (FDP25867)

Posted 2/10/2020 3:56pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We are offering Home delivery again this year!!

Over and over we hear how you don't have time to make it to 

market or the stand.  We understand the fact that there are only

so many hours in the day!!  So we are offering free pickup at the 

farmers markets, and the stand in Baker City, or home or office 

delivery for $5 charge.  To find our more info go the our pickup locations


Posted 9/26/2019 10:37pm by Valerie Tachenko.

It's corn maze time!  Come on out and get lost in my maze and then head on over to the pumpkin patch to find that extra special pumpkin.  It's looking to be a beautiful fall!!!  Check out our schedule.

Posted 4/29/2019 4:30pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We are really excited to be able to offer delivery to Central Oregon this year.

If you are interested in naturally grown farm fresh veggies we can now

supply them every Monday afternoon or Tuesday am to Prineville, Redmond, Bend, or Madras and other areas in between. Just check out the options and sign up.

The first delivery will be June 3, 2019.  Cut off to sign up will be May 15.

Posted 1/20/2019 12:09pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Just got home from the 2019 Adagra Conference is Portland.

Spent the week learning and interacting with farmers from all over the country.  Was a fantastic experience.  Really got me energized and enthused for a new season. Loved learning new techniques and ideas.  Farming is truly all about relationships! 

Posted 1/20/2019 12:03pm by Valerie Tachenko.

Sign up is now open for our 2019 season.  We are excited about some

new varieties of veggies this year and we are also adding a strawberry

patch. We are going to start peas and spinach in the hoop house next week;

Excited to experiment and see how early we can start.   I have tomatoes growing that I am going to put out in a few more weeks.

Posted 10/23/2018 9:22am by Valerie Tachenko.

Thanks so much to all who came out to the corn maze and pumpkin patch last week.

We so enjoyed having you all come and try to answer my riddles!!!

Loved seeing all the little ones having fun!

See you next year!!!

Posted 4/15/2018 11:30pm by Valerie Tachenko.

We’re almost done calving and the chicks are growing fast. April showers have been abundant and we’re looking forward to May flowers. The greenhouse is overflowing with plants waiting to be put into the ground. And everywhere we look there’s something that needs done.

It’s officially Spring here at the ranch in Eastern Oregon!  

We have 176 different varieties of tomatoes this year! One of which is called “Black Beauty”. The tomato is black in color and has great reviews; we’re excited to give it a try!

We put up a new high tunnel… it was suppose to be a “low profile” model. But at 100’x30’x17’, there’s nothing low profile about it! You can see it from either highway! Another greenhouse is going up and should be finished this week. This greenhouse measures 100’x20’x12’ and sits right next to the high tunnel. Our old faithful greenhouse is still standing and is bursting at the seems. Many of it’s plants have been transferred to the high tunnel in an effort to make more space in the old greenhouse.

The high tunnel has Chinese cabbage and spinach growing it now (the hail won’t get the spinach this year). We are going to plant tomatoes in it this week. Our goal is to offer produce ten months out the year. We’re excited for this new venture.

Broccoli, kale and cabbage are planted in the garden above the house. We put row cover on these guys to keep them nice and toasty warm until the temperatures decided to stay up (so probably another two weeks or so). 

Does all this sound like something you want to be a part of? Well you’re in luck! Now is the time to sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership. What is a CSA membership you ask? Essentially it’s a partnership between you the consumer, and our family farm. You pay up front for a season of produce and then we in turn supply you with 20 weeks of the best fruits and veggies. Please go to the following link to learn more about all our different CSA options: Or feel free to give us a call 541.853.2358 to learn more.

It’s late and the rain just finally quit…. tomorrow will be another busy day in the mud. We hope this update finds you warm, dry and not stuck in the mud!


Best regards,

Rod and Val

Posted 6/6/2017 12:43am by Valerie Tachenko.


My how time flies!!  I looked at the calendar and it said JUNE!!! already?? Whew the last 3 weeks have been a blur with lots of surprises!!  

Planted out almost all of the tomatoes.

Tomorrow we will finish all the peppers.

The potatoes that were just starting to come out of the ground at the time of the hail storm, had a few battered leaves but they are up and growing great!!

The beans popped out of the ground also and are very happy!!

The peas that were blooming when the storm came are blooming again, that was not expected at all!!

The spinach came back just in time for the 80 - 90 degree days and is starting to bolt. We will have it available at the markets and stand until gone.

The cold weather plants that were destroyed, some came back and have had new plants added to the rows where lots were missing.

Some of the summer squash that was destroyed in the storm came back too, and the ones from seed popped out a couple days after the I sent the last letter.

The corn maze is up and looks great!

Hope to finish most of the planting this week!!  YAHOO!!

Summer Egg shares start this week, if you had spring egg shares and still want them please sign up ASAP.

CSA boxes start next week for everyone!!

Well the best for last... We hope to have cherries at the stand in Baker City this week.  I talked to the grower this morning and he said they would start picking on Wednesday.

Now it's time to fill that hunger pain with some Val's Veggies produce and fruit.

Have a great week!!

Rod and Valerie